Metaverse Bounty Hunter "UNCLE CHOP CHOP" is here to protect your bags so you don't get rekt

Uncle Chop Chop is the Alpha of the the Metastreets, trade without fear and take what is yours. Everyone needs an Uncle Chop Chop in the family


'Bounty Hunter for hire'
"Hunting rug pullers throughout the Metaverse"


NO Discord - No BS!
NO Roadmap - Shit changes to fast!
Instant Reveal



Bounty 1

There are 20 'Super Rare' Uncle Chop Chop NFTs to be minted with the GOLD PRISON background, each one Unique in its Traits. Minting one of these awards the holder a piece of original ART signed by Uncle Chop Chop on canvas and a digital copy


Special Bounty

1 Super Rare will entitle the holder to a personal tour of the ‘ real - life ‘ Uncle Chop Chop’s favourite haunts , bars , clubs , restaurants in Melbourne where he ruled the streets . (All Flights to Melbourne from anywhere in the world and 5* Accommodation for 5 days is included )


Bounty 2

There are ‘ Secret Rare ‘ 1/1’s that will be randomly Air Dropped to 10 holders . These have Unique Traits not in the 10k collection .


Bounty 3

ALL holders of an Uncle Chop Chop will receive the next Metaverse Bounty Hunter in the Series air dropped as a bonus .


Bounty 4

Raffle Drops of Merch - T- shirts and Sticker Packs .

**Further Bounties will be released as the Collection reaches higher minting milestones**


Your Uncle Chop Chop is your VIP medallion for entry to the exclusive 'RAZOR' club and gives you access to the Bar where anything goes. A number of functions will be available for members within the nightclub, including a weapons cache...

About Us


About Us

This 10k NFT Collection is a tribute series to a 'Lone Wolf' who was the most feared Underworld Executioner and headhunter… Mark " Chopper " Read , affectionately known to his associates as “ Uncle Chop Chop “ . Many have called him the worlds most dangerous Hitman and it seems appropriate to have him as the first character in the UNDERWORLD series of NFT's .

Frequently Asked Questions

0.01 ETH / 20 MATIC.

Whitelist will be given to the most dedicated followers and through giveaways. You can register here by clicking "Get Whitelisted".Whitelisted members will be given a guaranteed chance to mint up to 3 of our NFTs.

The collection consists of 10,000 Uncle Chop Chop's.

We are minting on the polygon chain to save you fees!
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